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is Geared2Give's unique program supporting Content Creators by providing funding, development, and distribution of GIVING Content.

  • 100% G2G Funded

  • 100% G2G Managed

  • 50/50 Profit Royalty Split

  • % of all G2G sales go to G2Ggive Cause Grants

  • Marketed, Sold, and Distributed on G2G Formats

  • Marketed to G2G Causes, Corporate Partners, and Givers

PUBLISH provides the resources Content Creators need to develop their informational, instructional, and anecdotal works relating to Giving.

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are a vital tool for instructing society about Giving and the Cause world. Most people are not aware of the everyday challenges of Cause organizations, nor do they understand the depth to which they are essential to the functioning of society. We are blessed to have a very Giving people in America, but generally speaking, Giving is an afterthought. In 2019 Americans spent 88 Billion Dollars on Coffee, we spent 253 Billion Dollars on Alchohol, and we spent a whopping 273 Billion Dollars on fast food! Imagine if we had just a little bit of education on what $100 could do. Or $500 over the course of a year. If just one-third of Americans cut out a few trips to the burger joint and a few beers, we could double charitable giving in the US.

These examples are not just wishful thinking. Americans are more knowledgeable about giving today than ever in history. And each year that we have learned a bit more, giving has increased. In fact, the average year-to-year increase in total giving between 1977 and 2017 was $8.94 billion/yr. But we can do so much more. Education is the key. History shows us, the more we learn the more we give. 

As we enter this decade, Causes are realizing that a new way to approach charity is here. There is a new focus on revenue creation, traditional marketing & business principals, and of course the internet and mobile phone technology. Did you know there are 7 Billion people in the world and 5 Billion of them have a mobile phone? Books, Blogs, Podcasts, and Videos are now most consumed on these devices. These same devices are now the fastest-growing Giving tool for donors. That is why we created G2GPUBLISH. The more we help all of you Content Creators get your Giving related content out, the faster we can all change the world. 

What we're looking for

are Content Creators whos subject matter ties into any part of the Giving space. From new Nonprofit ideas, technology, and practices, to infusing traditional business thought process, to fresh Cause ideas and ways to help society. If you think your content can help others, we want to help you get it out. We can assist with funding, production, packaging, and distribution through the G2G network and those of our Causes and Corporate Partners. And unlike a traditional 15% royalty, we split 50% of all profits with our Content Partners. If you have meaningful content to GIVE, connect with us today. 


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