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Try Getting Emotional With Your Donors

by: Richard Perry

Most decisions are driven by emotion, not logic. And that is how you need to approach your work in major gifts. Let me set this idea up by having you read what others say about this topic.

Nedra Weinreich writes an interesting blog on facts versus emotions in which she makes the following points:

  • In a battle between logic and emotion, emotion will win over facts most of the time.

  • Researchers have estimated that 80% of decision-making is emotional, and only 20% is rational. According to Kevin Roberts, CEO of advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi, “Reason leads to conclusions. Emotion leads to action.”

  • The fact is (whether or not it will convince you) emotions are powerful things. Feelings of frustration, patriotism, nostalgia, jealousy or fear can easily outweigh well thought-out, logic-based arguments.

  • Combine your most compelling facts with an emotional appeal. This is not a cynical thing to do — this is how our brains work!

Shayna Marks adds a lot of factual information about the role of emotions in decision-making in her article on business.com. Here are some highlights: