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Online Fundraising as We Move Toward a Post-Pandemic World

by: Alyssa Conrardy

What’s working in this time of transition?

As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 crisis, so many aspects of our lives have gone virtual. We’re working on virtual teams, getting together with friends and family in virtual meeting rooms and, for those of us who work in nonprofit development, fundraising virtually, too. Of course, online fundraising was an important aspect of most development teams’ strategies long before the pandemic hit, but for the last 12 months, online fundraising hasn’t just been part of our strategies; it has been the only option available to us.

So what comes next? As more Americans continue to receive COVID-19 vaccines and we begin the slow, careful process of returning to more in-person interaction, what role should online fundraising play at our organizations? How can we continue to innovate and keep our online fundraising creative and fresh?