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How to Build Systems That Enable Deep Donor Relationships at Scale

by: Gabe Cooper

One of my favorite nonprofits works with governments in Asia to provide forever homes for orphans. Adoption is a big part of my family story, so when I was first introduced to their work, I had an immediate personal, heart-level connection. And that connection led to a donation.

If we’re honest, we’ll admit that most giving happens this way. We give for personal reasons. It’s not that our giving is completely irrational, but at some level, it’s always driven by a personal connection to the cause. The problem is that many nonprofits struggle to create this type of personal connection with donors at scale. Most organizations are still handcuffed to traditional fundraising systems that are largely impersonal simply because they don't have the systems in place that enable a personal connection to their entire donor file. Their major donors get high-touch, personal experiences and the rest of their donor file gets the standard monthly email or appeal.