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Welcome to Geared2Give!

Here is the breakdown to the 3 core questions that Geared2Give’s products and services answer:

Mentally Geared (are you prepared) to Give?

1. Do you “know” what Giving is?

Giving is the act of using your thought, intellect, creativity, time, effort, and/or money, to provide a benefit to another. Are you mentally committed to doing this at any level, small to large? This is being Mentally “Geared2Give”.

That’s why we started Giving University and G2G Publishing. Offering a combination of free and optional paid education, Giving U teaches what giving is, how to develop as a giver, and how to channel that knowledge using simple technology and your own ideas. We show you how to run everything from a campaign to help the neighbors pay the mortgage, to a Fortune 500 company that wants to run a 200,000 Employee Engagement program, or 2 Million Customer Relations campaign. Our extensive paid Video Tutorial section offers training on everything from G2G campaigns, to other services like Logos, Branding, Social Media Optimization, even Business and NPO Best Practices and Blogs. Additionally, combining this platform with publishing a national blog, e-zine, and book releases from Corporate and NPO CEO’s, Celebrities, and G2G specialists, we have the ability to have massive PR and Awareness impact, while really owning the Giving space and adding a lucrative revenue stream to G2G. Only G2G has all this knowledge in one, monetized platform, which also ties to Social Impact and Philanthropy.

Are you Physically Geared (we have the gear) to Give?

2. Do you “have” anything to Give?

Geared2Give knows that most people only know how to give money or volunteer time. However we’ve seen Non-Profits attempt to solve problems with just these two methods for 70+ years, and it’s just not enough. In the world we live in, Causes compete with business for our attention, time, and money. So G2G came up with a way to combine the 2. With the addition of Merchandise or (Gear) as it is called, a cause can now market itself at the same time it is raising funds. Gear is proven to raise on average 35% more funds for a cause! Add to this Events and Celebrity Experiences and we create a whole new level of competition for those dollars.

ARE YOU Promotionally Geared to Give?

3. Do you have goals for your Giving and a way to share?

Geared2Give knows that people need their giving to be simple, they want to share it with their social community, and they don’t want their giving to stop with them. That is why we created the most innovative Fund Raising software platform ever conceived. We have developed Huge G2G-run campaigns for causes like Hunger, Cancer, ALS, Autism, Veterans, the Environment and more, where we partner with large, effective, proven orgs, as well as corporate sponsors and celebrities to allow people or businesses to donate or start their own pre-made “sub-campaigns” for these causes. This saves them all the time of having to design their own cause page, custom design merchandise, find a proven org to donate to, figure out the marketing, etc… Many of these sub-campaigns can keep their funds local and still be part of an overall national goal. G2G run campaigns all include fun participation incentives like custom merchandise and celebrity experiences. However, for the tech savvy “do it yourselfers”, the platform simultaneously allows any user to start a DIY (do it yourself) campaign for any authorized personal cause and utilize our merchandise and design tools to create their own custom campaigns. From simple fund raisers to raffles, from sweepstakes to auctions, every possible fund raising campaign type can be found in one place. Only G2G offers all of this in one platform.


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