Gearing your events for GIVING.


is Geared2Give's unique program for developing, delivering, and managing Live Performance opportunities from 200 guests at a comedy show to 20,000 fans in an arena.  

  • 100% Profits2Cause

  • 100% Managed by G2G

  • Fee-Based, or Sponsor Supported

  • Turn-Key Design, Delivery, & Management

LIVE utilizes our teams' 30 years of Entertainment Industry experience for YOUR Cause. From Jay Leno & Tom Green to Bon Jovi & Def Leppard, our group's experience allows G2G to make your LIVE experience a cause-driven game-changer. 

Concert Crowd
Outdoor Concerts
Rock Guitarist
Arena Shows
Comedian on Stage


are an amazing way for Causes to connect with Givers. The days of being able to thrive by simply asking people to send in donations are gone. The days of a simple "Donate" button on your website are over. In Today's NOISY internet and social media-driven society, you need to be able to cut through the craziness and get your message heard. You need to provide unique Giving experiences to stand out, and you need to capture discretionary spending on top of charitable giving. These are the keys to grow and thrive in the Cause world today. 

Live Performance brings a unique and exciting celebrity experience to your supporters. It creates an extremely attractive opportunity for your Corporate Partners while engaging your Givers on a whole other level than the average campaign in your community. Also, they raise big $$. This is why we sometimes use them as REWARDS for RAISE campaigns. Now you can work with G2G to create LIVE experiences whenever you want, regardless of your campaign status. 

The G2GLIVE staff comes straight from the Entertainment Industry. Our team members have worked with Grammy, Oscar and Emmy winning artists, actors, and comedians. It takes experienced professionals to work with celebrities, managers, agents, venues, permits, licensing, legal, staffing, unions, production, and a host of other elements that make a Live Performance successful and profitable. If your organization is ready to take things to the next level, then connect with us today, and let's make your LIVE experience a reality. 


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