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Our founders are a group of purpose-driven entrepreneurs who wanted to create a company that would use education, technology, and revenue to help Causes focus on their missions. They have a passion for business, a passion for others, and a desire to bring the For-profit and Non-profit worlds together to achieve greater levels of success than either can achieve on their own.


Geared2Give was created to prove that solving the problems of mankind can be a profitable, enjoyable, and worthy venture of any For-profit business, and is, therefore, the new high bar for American business operation and an ethical obligation for us all.

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Founder, CEO

A 20 year veteran of the Entertainment Industry, Jay has traveled the world as a singer, songwriter, & musician and as an executive had the privilege to work with Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar award-winning talent, as well as some of the worlds largest Nonprofits. Jay is the Founder and CEO of Geared2Give. Jay speaks to companies and social groups about Giving, authors a publication called LifeLessons, and hosts video discussions on JRTV. He and lives with his family on the beautiful coast of Lake Michigan.  




Zach is an Investor, Entrepreneur, and Business Developer. As the Founding Partner of Morning Eagle Ventures, Zach has distinguished himself in both start-ups and turnarounds. Specializing in Business Structure, Strategy, and Management, Zach has racked up an impressive client portfolio and a track record of success. Zach was one of the first investors in G2G and helped launch the company. If your business needs guidance or growth we recommend connecting with Morning Eagle Ventures.

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