Geared2Give Inc. was launched in 2019 by a group of purpose driven entrepreneurs who wanted to create a company dedicated to changing the world's mindset about giving through education and philanthropy.




Our purpose as a company is three fold.  

Geared2Give is the ultimate tool for Non-Profits, Corporations, and Individuals.


We believe giving is powerful and incorporating a giving nature in your life dramatically improves a persons quality of life. We learned that if we utilized today's technology, we could help educate the world about the benefits of a giving life style.  We could Gear the world to Give. 

For Non-Profits

Our platform helps organizations run campaigns that fund ALL their needs for the year.  We can give them solutions from purpose based fundraising to campaigns designed to subsidize their admin budget.  Non-Profits can also use G2G's platform and network to educate their Donor’s on Giving and educate their staff on running successfully planed and executed campaigns.  Non-Profits can also run their own campaigns or use Geared2Give's expert staff to run professionally curated campaigns for them.

For Corporations

We give companies the ability to run cause based campaigns to use their charitable giving most effectively, run employee engagement campaigns coupled their corporate giving to create more impact AND increase employee moral and engagement.  Corporations can also run customer engagement campaigns with their corporate giving to create more impact and engage their customers in a very personal way, that effect changes and support causes their customer base cares about.  Geared2Give also tie into large, celebrity level campaigns to increase visibility, get great tax write offs, and get a lot of low cost per dollar, high community impact impressions.


For Individuals

G2G is the ultimate place for individual givers to find an amazing campaigns that help give to causes that matters to them in a fun, easy, efficient, and EFFECTIVE way.  Givers are also set up with the most intuitive and relevant tools to participate in campaigns the benefit their passions and communities.  Individuals can also set up their own sub-campaign to their favorite charities' G2G campaign and participate in helping achieve the huge overall goal!  Or, they can create their own, custom cause campaign and run it themselves or get professional assistance from G2G professionals.



Geared2Give was born out of a simple philosophy that was discovered through a complex journey. The simple philosophy is as follows:


“Giving is the single best way to help yourself, and others, have the best life possible.”

Giving creates:

- Personal Self Worth (Self Confidence and general feeling of value to others)

- Mental Health (Self Worth contributes heavily to strong Mental Health)

- Happiness (High Personal Self Worth is the #1 contributor to overall self happiness)

- Physical Health (Strong Mental Health and Happiness are proven to help the body stay


- Spiritual Health (Feeling Good about yourself and a healthy body promote a strong

centered individual

It is a scientific fact that the act of Giving makes a person feel better about themselves. This act then begins a domino effect of positives within the giver. It creates a feeling of self worth and self value based on the belief that their act is helping others. This belief in turn causes endorphin release which creates happiness. This physical and mental reaction in turn is positive in many ways to the overall physical health of all the systems in the body. Things like self worth and happiness trigger a chain reaction of positive chemicals and balances in the body. (verses things like stress cause a release of negative and harmful toxins in the body). The better a person thinks about themselves, and physically feels, the more Balanced or positively spiritual they are. This person tends to be more Positive in general, and a natural magnet to those around them. Joy, like sadness, is contagious. We’ve found that being a Giver is the single easiest, best, and most effective way for a person to be Happy.


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