ALL happiness begins with an act of GIVING.


Geared2Give Inc. was officially launched in 2020 by a group of purpose-driven entrepreneurs who wanted to create a company that would facilitate a better way to raise funds,

so Causes can focus on their missions. 

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Geared2Give’s mission is to educate, equip, and empower CAUSES to operate in their purposes by providing teaching, technology, and revenue. 

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Geared2Give’s vision is to see all CAUSES have the education, tools, and funding they need to focus less time on fund raising, and more time on solving the worlds challenges.

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  • We believe morally, ethically, and socially those who have must help those who do not have. 

  • We believe Causes are the best way for individuals to harness the power of voice, strength, and money.

  • We believe that individuals, businesses, and government should invest in Causes to help effect meaningful change in the world. 

  • We believe it is our obligation to use our lives and career experience to support the Cause world.

  • We believe that the business world and the Cause world can work together and harness the mighty power of commerce, in relationships that are economically beneficial to both parties. 

  • We believe that our purposed focus on creating mutually beneficial partnerships between Causes and businesses, combined with meaningful campaigns for donors, will give Causes the resources to provide communities the solutions they so badly need. 


Geared2Give provides Causes with zero-cost fund raising campaigns on its RAISE platform, complete with sponsored merchandise, trips, cars, and other Rewards,

so Causes can focus more on their Mission and less on fundraising.


We facilitate partnerships between Causes and Businesses that creating AMAZING experience-based campaigns, and provide education, training, and technology,

so Causes can accomplish their goals. 


GIVING is natures elixir of life. It can literally heal the body, calm the mind, create joy, build confidence, and provide peace.“ 

- LifeLessons

Did you know that ​the act of Giving actually makes a person feel better about themselves?

An act of giving begins a physical domino effect of positives within the giver. It creates a feeling of self-worth and self-value based on the belief that the act is helping others. This belief in turn creates chemicals in the body called endorphins, which help the brain create happiness. The overall positive effect on all the body's systems is amazing. You can literally GIVE your way to better health and happiness!


Things like self-worth and happiness trigger a chain reaction of positive chemicals and balances in the body. (verses things like stress cause a release of negative and harmful toxins in the body). The better a person thinks about themselves and physically feels, the more balanced or mentally positive they are. This person tends to be more optimistic in general, and a natural magnet to those around them. Joy, like sadness, is contagious. We’ve found that being a Giver is the single easiest, best, and most effective way for a person to be happy, balanced, and fulfilled. 

Giving creates:

  • Personal Self Worth  Giving creates Self Confidence and a general feeling of value to others.

  • Mental Health  Self Worth contributes heavily to strong Mental Health.

  • Happiness  High Personal Self Worth is the #1 contributor to overall self-happiness.

  • Physical Health  Strong Mental Health and Happiness are proven to help the body stay healthier.

  • Spiritual Health  Feeling Good about yourself and a healthy body promote a strong centered individual.

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To Give is defined as:

"The act of using your thought, intellect, creativity, time, effort, and/or money, to provide a benefit to another."

When you hear the word "Give" you probably think about the "donor", the individual, business, or group who "gives" the money. But did you ever stop and think about what Causes and NonProfit org's do for a living...? They GIVE! That's right, they take money and turn that money into solutions, then GIVE those solutions to the world. 

It takes 3 key groups to GIVE solutions to the world.

1. Individuals 2. Businesses 3. Causes. When these three groups join forces, ANYTHING can be accomplished!



"Gear" /gir/


One of a set of toothed wheels that work together to alter the relation between the speed of a driving mechanism

verb; to gear

Design or adjust the gears in a machine to give a specified speed or power output

slang noun

 "Gear" entered English slang around 1951, meaning something you wear that is stylish. This use was popularized in the 1960s, under the influence of British pop music. 

slang verb; to gear

to prepare for a task with the right tools

The word gear has dual meanings for us here at G2G, which is why we have 2 "G's" inside our logo. The first "G" symbolizes the traditional meaning of the word "gear". It reminds us how all the pieces of an engine need to work together, tooth-in-groove, in order to make that engine work. This first "G" represents the Individuals, Businesses, and Causes in the engine of a SOLUTION, and how they all need to work together to provide that solution. The more in sync they are, the more power they produce, just like the gears of a machine. 

The Second "G" symbolizes the slang version of "gear" as in the tools you need to accomplish your task. You may have heard military terms like "gear up" meaning to pack the tools you need for a mission. We know your cause is on its own mission and we provide the GEAR you need to accomplish it. In our case that includes incentives like cool clothing, cars, and LifeExperiences. These items become massive marketing tools if deployed correctly. When you are armed with the right GEAR, the voice of your campaign will rise above the noise of our social media world, and be heard by the masses. 

These two GEARS of (Individuals/Business/Causes) and (Amazing Incentives), put together the right way, with the right team, and the right expertise, creates a perfectly tuned promotion engine that allows you to rocket to your goals! Thus the G inside the G in our logo symbolizes that perfect fit.

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GEARD2GIVE  is the ultimate tool for Non-Profits, Corporations, and Individuals.


We believe giving is the most powerful force in the world for affecting positive change in our world. 

By utilizing today's "For-Profit" marketing & technology solutions and the most advanced giving platform online, we Gear everyone to Give


  • We "Gear" Causes for GIVING by facilitating relationships between Causes and Businesses to fund amazing campaigns, reach a larger amount of Donors, and provide support of social enterprise initiatives. 

  • We "Gear" Businesses for GIVING by creating amazing Cause-Marketing opportunities for them to utilize both charitable and marketing funds to positively the communities they care about while growing brand, sales, and public respect.

  • We "Gear" Individuals for GIVING by providing them a simple to use, platform with amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience campaigns, that give them enjoyment, excitement, and fulfillment while they help the community causes they care about. 


We Gear your Cause to GIVE its solutions to the world. 

Geared2Give helps organizations run campaigns that fund your Cause's needs.  

  • We provide amazing online campaigns, with sponsors, rewards, and grand prizes.

  • We provide expert staff to help during every step of the process from design and development to launch and management.

  • We provide turn-key Social Enterprise solutions that generate ongoing annual revenue, forever. 

  • We provide an educational platform to engage and educate your donors on Giving.


We Gear your Business to GIVE solutions to the world. 

Geared2Give provides companies multiple ways to engage in Giving. 

  • We provide the opportunity to support one or many Cause Campaigns through our CorporateShare initiative. This allows companies the ability to use both charitable dollars and marketing dollars, (100% tax-deductible), to support the campaign costs of various or specific organizations, which raise up to 80% more funds than the support cost. Think matching only the public matches your contribution up to 8x!

  • We offer employee engagement campaigns that harness the power of your workforce and boost morale & engagement.

  • We also offer customer engagement campaigns, which work similar to employee engagement but focus on your customer base in an effort to positively engage them outside of your normal transactional relationship, creating a stronger and deeper bond with your brand/product/service. 


We Gear your Donors to GIVE and to KEEP GIVING.

Geared2Give is the ultimate place for individual Givers to participate in amazing campaigns with Causes that matter to them.

  • G2G campaigns are fun, easy to join, and provide ultimate engagement with rewards & community impact. 

  • G2G Givers (that's what we call donors), will use the most intuitive technological tools to participate in campaigns.

  • G2G grows a Causes "new-money" Giver base by offering Impact they are passionate about, and Rewards they can get excited about. 

  • Coming soon Individuals can set up their own custom cause campaign, or create sub-campaign from their favorite G2G Cause's and participate in helping achieve the huge overall goal! They can run these campaigns themselves or utilize professional assistance from G2G experts.

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.